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Escape to Nature's Serenity at Stephens Bay RV Park

Your Weekend Haven Awaits in this great Texas location


Can I reserve a specific campsite at Stephens Bay RV Park?

Ans) Yes, you can reserve a campsite that best suits your needs at Stephens Bay RV Park.

To book a campsite, please fill the form available here or contact us via phone or email, which are available here.

However, take note that your reservation for a campsite depends on its availability. But through it all, you will find a campsite suited to your preferences at our park.

What is the maximum number of sites I can reserve at Stephens Bay RV Park?

Ans) You can reserve up to five sites at Stephens Bay RV Park at the same time. If you need to reserve more than 1 site for your needs, contact us via phone or email available at our Contact Us page.

How far in advance should I make a reservation for an RV campsite?

Ans) we recommend reserving your campsite 8 weeks before your arrival date. We also recommend making a reservation 16 weeks in advance of your arrival date is a holiday weekend. However, even if your lead time is less than 8 weeks, we request you to please check for availability by contacting us here.

Do I need to pay for booking a campsite in advance?

Ans) Yes, you need to pay the reservation fee, including the entrance fee, to confirm your booking. You can make this payment online via debit or credit card. This allows us to book a campsite for you for the date you will be arriving at the campsite.

Upon reservation, will I get a confirmation email?

Ans) Yes, you will get a confirmation email, and we recommend that you read it carefully and do not delete it or lose it. It will include your reservation number and campsite number, park information, payment details, and other important information necessary for us to confirm your identity when you arrive at our campsite.

Can I reserve my campsite online?

Ans) almost every campsite at Stephens Bay RV Park can be reserved online. However, some sites still require phone reservations.

I have a parking pass. How can I receive its benefits?

Ans) if you have a parking pass, the reservation system will automatically apply all the benefits you are entitled to, such as free park entry, at the time of making your reservation, given that your pass is valid till the date of your arrival.

Can I fish at the lake?

Ans) Yes, your stay at Stephens Bay RV Park includes fishing. Call us to know more about fishing at our campsite. 

Do you allow tent camping?

Ans) since we are an RV campsite, we do not allow tent camping. However, you may pitch a tent along with your RV camp provided by us by requesting us about the same. Note that no RV campsites allow tent camping.

How many people can stay at one of your RV campsites?

Ans) We only allow 8 people (adults) max at one campsite to provide a comfortable experience to everyone. 

Can I reserve a campsite for a family occasion or business event?

Ans) If you need a campsite at Stephens Bay RV Park for purposes other than recreation and relaxation, please contact us.

Will I get my refund if I cancel my reservation?

Ans) It depends on the time left between your reservation and arrival. If you cancel the reservation a month before your arrival, you may get some portion of your reservation fee. We charge a cancellation fee of $.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Ans) If you need to cancel your reservation at our campsite, please call us or email us, which are available on our website.

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